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More is cheaper!

When most people check into a hotel, they are looking for that extraordinary experience. A stay that will remain edged in their memories as long as they draw breath. But being the economical people that we are, we also look at the cost. How much am I paying for this experience? We ask ourselves.

When cost becomes a factor, most people go for less of everything. Well scientists in Germany have discovered that more is actually cheaper. Through a series of experiments, they discovered that….am just kidding. To be honest, most people think that less is cheaper but in my opinion, when you are looking for that unforgettable experience, more is cheaper.

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How to Plan a Getaway

It looks easy to plan a hotel getaway but what most people don’t realize it takes a lot of planning and organization. For a group getaway to be successful and go off without a hitch, a number of factors must be considered.

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