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The World Cup at Samba Bar; Hotel Rio

Four years, four years we wait, we prepare, we get jobs, we buy big screen TV’s, we renovate our clubs, we get merchandise, four years, we prepare. And with all things, the wait must come to an end! It’s time for the game we all love, the game that unites us, the game that gets most of us in a bind with our significant others, the game that simplifies life to just ninety minutes of pure adrenaline rush. The game that is football, on the biggest stage of all; the world cup!


Whether you are a diehard fan or just interested enough to know the rules when it comes to the world cup, everybody is a fan! Football is not just a sport, it’s a way of life, it’s one of the four pillars of healthy living; mind, body, soul and football.

Now since the start of the world cup, some have won, some have lost and others have surprised us. But one thing is for sure, the game is as beautiful as ever. With Brazil hosting the world cup, the stage is set for an exciting time. All over the world, fans watch in expectance and anticipation hoping that their favorite teams will advance forward.

Here in Kenya, the mood is not different, although miles and miles away, the love for the game is the same. The emotions that come with winning or losing are as strong as they are in Brazil and the best part is, we have our own piece of Brazil right here; Hotel Rio; Samba bar. Here, the game comes to life.

The bar is buzzing with activity, drinks moving from one table to the next, fans cheering on their favorite teams, attendants watching the game from the corner of their eyes. Here, the game is as real as it is, in Brazil.

Whether you are with friends or you are waiting for company, when you are at samba, you are not alone, we are one. We are a family united by three things, a great game, a great drink and a great bar! At samba we take care of you and your pocket. Throughout the world cup season, buy any beer for just Ksh.180, sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful game without a care in the world.  We’ve got the rest covered.

As you enjoy a cold one, spark up a conversation with a stranger, buy a drink for that sexy lady next to you, order a round for the bar, join in on the cheering, burst a move, crack a joke, give that ‘ooh so rear’ high five. Have the time of your life because here at samba, only the best experiences will do.