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More is cheaper!

When most people check into a hotel, they are looking for that extraordinary experience. A stay that will remain edged in their memories as long as they draw breath. But being the economical people that we are, we also look at the cost. How much am I paying for this experience? We ask ourselves.

When cost becomes a factor, most people go for less of everything. Well scientists in Germany have discovered that more is actually cheaper. Through a series of experiments, they discovered that….am just kidding. To be honest, most people think that less is cheaper but in my opinion, when you are looking for that unforgettable experience, more is cheaper.


Using Hotel Rio as a case study in this experiment, (ooh, so we do need scientists after all) we are able to determine that more is cheaper and better. Let’s say you and your girlfriend check in to hotel Rio. You want a magical experience that will forever remain as a testament of your love for each other.

Naturally since you are not related, you choose a single room to save on cost. You figure, we sleep together at home, we might as well do the same here. But that’s where you go wrong. Here’s why. For one, it’s not called a single room for nothing unless your girlfriend doubles as you imaginary friend too.

Then if you look at the rates on the website, you will discover that it’s an average difference of Ksh.2, 000 between the single and the double rooms. But in terms of experience, they are world apart. For instance, the double room has more beds. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of beds for a couple especially the playful type. Another simple reason is more room equals more memories. It’s just that simple.

Let’s move on to food. But I guess I shouldn’t discuss food since I don’t think in this case you would go for a single plate. That would just be sad. Now to the drinks, most people will just order one beer after another until they feel satisfied. By this time you have already drunk 6 or 7 beers and your girlfriend probably 5. In addition, a few shots along the way, water and a couple of sodas. Then you would crown the night with a bottle of wine for the room.

But a six pack of beer, a bottle of hard liquor and another bottle of wine brought to your room will give you a much greater experience if you know how to play your cards right. It’s all about how creative you and your girlfriend are. And there you have it, definitive proof that more is cheaper and more is better. Always insist on more!